Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In The News
An article on the Winter Moose project has been published by Green Energy Times.  Check out the on-line version, if you haven't picked up a copy. It covers all the details of the project, and I think it is well written.

Out in Public
I spoke on a panel for a University of Vermont Sustainability class this week. "Directors of Sustainability" was the title, and I was called in as a local, start-up example. The others on the panel represented a multi-state dairy/cheese co-operative and a multi-national corporation dealing mostly in synthetic products. I got to witness first hand how big companies can skew their data to sound wonderful... Try using the weight of packaging as your environmental footprint gauge. Unilever does. Switch out all natural and compostable materials for light weight plastics -(that are forever recyclable?)- and you have a gain on your environmental impact charts. Hmm.
I was last to speak, and focused on the toxic aspects of adhesives, used in fabric sizings, but also in fragrance, pesticides, etc.  I explained Benefit Corporations, B-Corp, and the local fiber supply chain. I was the only one to mention various ways an interested student could get involved, and everyone laughed when I informed them of the growing need for male runway models. In spite of my nervousness, and some spontaneous changes away from my notes, I think I contributed something of value. I may even have an intern for the summer.  We shall see.


We have some samples to show. Reed Prescott III, an artist and craftsman in Bristol, VT, made these buttons. I hope to work with him on buttons for our accessories, and eventually the coats.

The first rewards went out today, for the kickstarter donations we received. More news on that in a few days.