Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We are moving towards cloth again! 

The Vermont indigo crop matured a bit late this year, but we now have two blues to work with. The 3 lbs. of yarn took 25 lbs. of dye plant material.  The blue yarns were dried out and added to the earth tones.  I then hand cranked all 82 skeins (180 yards each) into balls. 

You can see the beautiful colors all together here.  Last week we delivered them to the weaver.  Here are some pictures, including one of the loom on which the cloth will be woven.  

We are now entering the busiest time of year for weavers in New England, who market their own work. Each state has a wool festival coming up shortly, and then the holiday craft fairs begin. Even so, our weaver may have the 15 yards woven for us by the end of October.  Here is to a productive, safe and happy Fall.