Friday, July 4, 2014

Love the Land, Support the People

I am celebrating by committing to support American industry and agriculture. We can't rest on laurels now. Developing the same self reliance that once enabled a group of rebels to take up a fight for independence needs to return. Recently, in several states, people who believe that self reliance is key have tried to open mills, only to fail, because others insist on buying foreign goods. Anyone buying synthetics, plastics, and items from very far away has to be pro-fracking, and pro military intervention, world wide. This is the way things work now. Re-focusing on U.S. production, and making that production as ethical, non-toxic and sustainable as possible is my dream.   Join me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Accepting the facts and going with what is. I have discovered that most textile mills still existent in the U.S. are  using 100% synthetic materials - or are full of knitting machines. Woven goods are pretty much limited to blankets. That is changing. People across the country are trying to figure out the economics of it. Martha Washington knit socks for the soldiers... and weavers worked hard to make cloth for clothes in order to become independent of England. If we truly want to minimize our carbon foot-print, then we must, as a nation, become knowledgeable about our own capacity for making clothing. In a capitalist system, where industry considers their sourcing a trade secret, making maps of sources is tricky. And yet people all over, from Vermont to Texas to California, are demanding maps, lists and directories. I have no opinion on this, other than it is a tricky business.