Sunday, May 31, 2015

Balls of Yarn

 A Little More About the Process:

When we took the yarn to the weavers, it was in the form of twisted skeins. Skeins are usually sold to hand knitters and crocheters. Weavers often buy their yarn on cones, to make it easier to set up the loom.

Our yarn, this time, was not available on cones, so a skein holder, called a swift, was used to turn all the skeins into balls.

Here is some of our yarn after its transformation into balls.

The creamy white has just gone on the loom! You can see the first few inches here, after the brown. More of the brown filling yarn, or weft, is visible on the finished work, rolled up underneath.

The dark brown, almost black yarns are the warp. See how much tighter they are in this close-up of the weave? They are under more strain, but so far this yarn is holding up to it. They will relax after being taken off the loom.